Web Design

The most important part of an online branding campaign is simply having a good website! So many people rely on the internet as their main way to do their shopping, research new products and ideas, or book services. Having a good quality website can make a big difference to the number of conversions you make.

A great website should have the following:

  • A clear layout
  • Neat and tidy colour scheme
  • Images
  • Plenty of content
  • Keywords dotted around the text
  • Be quick to load
  • Responsive
  • Mobile optimised

Once you have an idea for a website, it is generally a good plan to seek out a well qualified web designer to bring your plans to life. Some people try to make their own business website using a free tool such as Wix or GoDaddy, but these often lack the customisation options that a web designer can bring to the table.