SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This is a well used system of tactics which can help Google and other seach engines to read your website, and then rank it in the search results for the keywords and phrases you hope you appear for.

There are three main parts to SEO.

On-site optimisation

This is where you make adjustments to the website which readers can see. These include things like html tags, such as Heading tags, title tags and image attributes. These can all be used by search engines to understand what each page is about.

Link Building

Also called off site SEO, building natural links to your website is a crucial part of the puzzle. Search engines see links pointing to your website as votes of confidence that your site is a valuable source of information about a particular topic. The stronger the baclinks to your site, the more likely you are to reach higher rankings on search engines.


The content of your site is all of the text and images which can be seen and read by customers on your site. It is important that you have enough good quality, non duplicated content on each page.  The content is read by people as well as search engines, and helps people to see what your pages are about. You should try to include a few of your keywords within the content too!