Great Reasons to Use SEO Tactics for Your Business

SEO is a crucial step for most businesses who have an online presence! There are always some bosses who do not like to spend extra money on their budget for marketing, but these reasons should help you to loosen the purse strings a little bit…

One: It puts you where your customers are

Standard marketing practices such as print advertising, TV and radio are no where near as powerful as they used to be. People often use search engines like Google as their main starting point when researching products and services.  It makes sense that you would want to have your brand visible where your potential customers are looking, right?

Two: It’s cheaper than paid search

Most bosses are not keen on the costs of SEO, thinking that if they go for PPC (paid search) it will be cheaper and gives immediate results. Whilst there may be some truth in the speed of results (assuming you have set up your campaign correctly), SEO has much greater long term value for money. Organic search drives almost 95% of all web traffic, and around 70-80% of people ignore adverts, focussing solely on the organic results.

Three: SEO actually improves your website

Google is notoriously picky about it’s ranking process, with almost constantly raising the standards so that only the best sites get the coveted first page positions. Getting into SEO certainly forces you to look closer at your website, making sure it is fully secure, has a better user experience and the technical aspects are in check. By sorting out these basic areas, you can massively improve your site which can bring on positive changes to traffic, sales and conversions.